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Project Description
A Visual Studio Add-in that allows source code reviewers to easily mark and comment source code. The comments are stored in separate files together with information about the source file, project name, date when comment was made and other useful information.

Simple to use
Just select the code you want to comment, right click on it and choose "Make a comment" option:
First release

The first release of the Add-in supports storing comments into text files. Future releases will support storing comments into CSV, HTML and other formats, sending comments by E-mail, storing comments into SharePoint lists, and many other.
The first release was tested on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista Home Premium Edition. The Add-in was tested in both VisualStudio 2005 and 2008 on all of the mentioned operating systems. Tests on Windows Vista were performed with and without administrative privileges.

How to install the Add-in
Please follow next steps in order to install the Add-in:
  • Download the latest version of Add-in from Releases page CodeComments.NET
  • Extract file to a folder on local file system on machine on which you use Visual Studio 2005 or/and 2008
  • Check if Addins folder exists on your local file sytem and if the folder is not present create it manually; this folder is located at "c:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Addins" on Windows Vista (on my development machine it is "c:\Users\Sasa Popovic\Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Addins") or at "c:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Addins" on Windows XP.
  • Copy both extracted files to the Addins folder; Please notice that you should rename "Visual Studio 2005" with "Visual Studio 2008" if you are deploying the Addin to VS2008.
  • Start a new instance of Visual Studio, open an existing project, open a source code file (or any other), select some text, right click on it and choose "Make a comment" option in pop-up menu
  • Enter some comments, choose an output comment file and save your comment.

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